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Your tour request has been received by Megan and Renee at Vintage Oaks Ranch. We will be reaching out to you within 1 business day to find a time to have you join us for a private tour. (Please allow for 2 days max if it is a Friday-Sunday.)

Helpful Reminders before your tour:

  • A good understanding of your guest count and budget will help so much before an onsite tour. If you listed your budget as unknown, Megan will be contacting you with some helpful details prior to scheduling a tour.  We also want to share that it's not realistic to host a Saturday wedding for 150-170 guests in a $10,000 - $15,000 budget. While this is not impossible, it would be on the upper end of that range, and more likely in the $15,000 - $25,000 range. We know that budget discussions are difficult, to say the least. You are recently engaged, and we want you to celebrate this very special time together; however we also know that it's no fun for you or us if you fall in love with the space on a tour and the numbers just don't add up. We would rather have that tough discussion now before you invest your time and heart with us on a tour because we believe that's the right thing to do. We also have a maximum guest count that allows for the best experience here at VOR. If your event will likely exceed 170 guests we are just not the best fit for your event.

  • Who should tour with you: Please invite anyone to the tour who needs to see the venue in person before you feel comfortable signing a contract.  Also remember that being able to focus on your needs is important as well. If you are comfortable with touring as a couple only that is great. Please note that private second tours have more limited availability. We do host open houses for our booked couples so that is a great time to bring anyone who was unable to your with you but needs to visit the venue before the big day.

  • Almost everything we discuss at a tour is actually on the website! Through much experience we have found couples will be less overwhelmed by new information at tours if they take a good look at the website before arriving.  By doing so you can focus on the fun things and scenery!

  • How to find us: We recommend you use the following address in your GPS: 2712 Happy Swaner Lane, Axtell, TX 76624.  The ranch is well marked with 2 large VOR signs so please turn at those signs and drive about ¼ mile down the driveway and the venue sits on the right under the grove of oak trees.

  • Friendly reminder – We never hold dates without a signed contract.  Be sure to schedule a tour as soon as possible to ensure that you can book your preferred date. Prior to your tour please make sure that you check in to make sure your date or dates you are interested in are in facet still available. We will try our very best to keep the website as up to date as possible.

  • If you need to cancel or reschedule your tour, please give us 24 hours notice when possible. We really appreciate how many couples do this without us asking. We reserve this time specially to meet you and sincerely appreciate the notice if you can't make it for any reason.

  • Finally, please know we do have YOUR best interest at heart. For that very reason we don't write contracts or take deposits onsite at tours. If Vintage Oaks Ranch is the ideal fit for your wedding day or event, all contract and deposit details will be handled via email and mail following your tour. If you have questions about our contract rules, deposits, payment terms, etc. please check out our FAQ page.


If for any reason you haven't heard from us in two business days (or received an email responder saying we've taken a few days away from the venue) please feel free to send us a note at

We look forward to connecting with you soon!

- Megan and Renee

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